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Dubai Investments is going all out for solar energy. The Emirates Glass rooftop features 3,000 PVs. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Another rooftop in Dubai is capturing solar power. The Dubai Investments’ owned Emirates Glass and Lumiglass facilities have installed photovoltaic rooftop systems from the French company TotalEnergies.

“The Emirates Glass facility has continued to install LED lightings at the factory and office premises and successfully achieved 100 per cent light replacement at office areas and 70 per cent at the factory,” said Rizwanulla Khan, Executive President – Emirates Glass LLC and Lumiglass Industries.

“The rooftop solar panel installation at both Emirates Glass and Lumiglass facilities is an extension of the sustainable initiatives and is aimed at reducing the reliance on grid-energy as well energy costs. These solar panels are expected to generate around 2,800 megawatt-hours (MWh) of green energy per year from these two locations.”

Constructed with about 3,000 PV panels, the 1.20 megawatt-peak (MWp) solar rooftop system is expected to produce over 1,900 (MWh) annually. The electricity generated by the solar roof top will cover around 19 per cent of Emirates Glass facilities energy needs.

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'Tennis courts'

Earlier this year, another solar PV rooftop was finalized with TotalEnergies for Lumiglass Industries. The 0.55 MWp solar rooftop system is made up of more than 1,400 PV panels - covering a surface equivalent to approximately 11 tennis courts.

The solar system is expected to produce over 800 MWh per year and will cover about 18 per cent of the facility’s energy needs.