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In a groundbreaking move, the Emirates Classification Society (TASNEEF) has recently signed a Recognized Organization (RO) agreement with the San Marino Flag, which will allow yacht owners to class their vessels with TASNEEF and register them under this prestigious flag. This collaboration is set to revolutionise the yacht registration industry in the UAE, providing yacht owners with a host of benefits. With its impeccable reputation for excellence, TASNEEF brings its expertise to this partnership, ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality for yacht owners worldwide.

Yacht owners who choose to register their vessels under the San Marino flag will benefit from the flag’s strong reputation for quality and reliability. San Marino has long been associated with excellence in the maritime industry, and this collaboration with TASNEEF further strengthens its position as a preferred choice for yacht registration.

TASNEEF has signed (14) RO agreements with different international flags to give their customers the flexibility of flag selection. Under these agreements, TASNEEF will support customers through the entire registration process, ensuring compliance with international standards and guidelines. This includes conducting safety inspections, verifying documentation, and providing certification. The collaboration aims to streamline the registration process, offering yacht owners a seamless and efficient experience.

As TASNEEF continues to pave the way for innovation and excellence in the maritime industry, this partnership demonstrates its commitment to providing unparalleled services and support to yacht owners worldwide. With a shared vision for promoting maritime safety and quality, TASNEEF and the San Marino Flag are set to revolutionise yacht registration, creating a new benchmark for the industry.