Onyx FC
Lisa Hayhoe, Co-founder and Head Coach Image Credit: Supplied

Breaking barriers and rewriting narratives in women's football, Onyx FC stands at the forefront of change in Dubai's sports landscape. The club's founding team is committed to nurturing female football talent and advocating for their active participation in the sport.

Lisa Hayhoe, co-founder and head coach, leads the club with her extensive knowledge of the sport and coaching expertise. Hayhoe's love for football found a fresh avenue when she moved to the UAE. This passion was ignited as early as five years old when she first started playing football. Her dedication to creating a pathway for girls and women in the sport solidified when she was selected for the Arsenal Girls’ Centre of Excellence at the age of ten - her first experience in an all-girls team. This exposure to the initiatives the English FA was implementing for girls' football in the UK inspired her to extend similar opportunities to women and girls in football in her new home.

“The vision for Onyx FC was to establish a space that celebrates and encourages women's involvement in football," said Hayhoe. "It's not just about sport; it’s about empowering women, boosting self-confidence and fostering a belief in their capabilities.”

This vision has given birth to a diverse and inclusive football community. Onyx FC serves as a beacon for aspiring female footballers, providing a platform for their talents and advocating for their rightful place in the sport. Overcoming societal expectations and navigating challenges has been a significant part of their journey. As Hayhoe puts it, “Onyx FC is a place where women come to play, learn and grow. Each achievement, no matter how small, is celebrated as it contributes to our beautiful journey.”

The success and growth of Onyx FC reflect the encouraging strides women's football is making in the UAE. As the club continues to grow, it is inspiring more women to engage in football, breaking down barriers and championing the idea that the sport knows no gender.

Under Hayhoe’s leadership, Onyx FC continues to lead the charge in pushing boundaries and advocating for the evolution of women's football. For more information about Onyx FC, follow them on their official social media platforms @onyxfc_ or visit www.onyx-fc.com