Niti Gupta and Aniqah Javed Image Credit: Supplied

Getting your fashion style on point can be a daunting task and that is the reason Niti Gupta and Aniqah Javed have come together to unveil a niche fusion event in their flagship fashion pop-up named AFRA for the fashionistas in Dubai. Slated to happen on September 24, 2022, at the most glamorous hotel, The Dubai edition itself speaks of how opulent and modish the event will be.

Niti Gupta, fashion curator, and event stylist has curated over 15 shows across Dubai, London and Mumbai says, "With AFRA we aim to change the way a luxury buyer engages with a brand. The thought is to create a holistic experience of luxury- not just through the product, but the venue, the design, the selection of brands, the entire ambience. AFRA is elegant luxury. "

Dubai a Luxury Fashion hub

Fashion event 'Afra' will align with Dubai's fashion sentiments and bring in the best style quotient as Dubai is known as a Fashion and Luxury hub. The stylish soiree brings luxury and glamour as an elegant and classy experience for shoppers.

Shining spotlight on Designers

This fashion event will shine light on designers as they can showcase their fashion talent through this luxurious pop-up. From high end couturiers and luxury ateliers, to classy pret and bespoke jewellers & eclectic accessories, it will be a sparkling oasis in the desert.

Aniqah Javed, fashion stylist and entrepreneur said, "Afra is created to give an incredible experience for women who are looking for a fusion & luxury style in Dubai. It is a stylish soiree featuring an eclectic mix of designers, which will surely bring a new flavor to the fashion shopping for the women of Dubai.”

Shop your style on point and head to AFRA this September for more details contact 0568882579, theafraworld@gmail.com

Niti Gupta

An entrepreneur, event stylist and curator of over 15 fashion exhibitions across Dubai, London & Mumbai. Her passion for style, experiential strategy along with the creative campaigns for brands & events are her sought-after strengths. With the creation of AFRA, she brings an invaluable experience of over 10 years in the fashion exhibition industry that is both unique and innovative in its approach. A post-graduate from the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi, Niti has a keen eye for spotting unique design & designers. She spearheaded the NIFT Alumni Association since its inception in 2004 which is now known as NANG – NIFT Alumni Networking Group that connects thousands of design fashion alumni. Her debut into the fashion industry started way back in 1998 at Triburg Leathers where she worked with international brands like DKNY and Liz Claiborne. Niti further pursued fine arts & printing at Heatherley’s School of Fine Art, London and has been honored by the Victoria & Albert Museum of London, along with the selection of her print work for the “Inspired By” competition. Niti’s first company “Escapades by Niti Gupta” launched in 2004 is a multi-design house with a focus on design, graphics, lifestyle products, bespoke stationery & social media design. The second company “Epiphany by Niti Gupta is the events and decor vertical that brings forth her passion for weddings, events and fashion exhibitions.

Aniqah Javed

A Model, stylist, an avid painter and sketch artist, a law graduate, a nursery business owner, and a creative baker! Aniqah is truly an amalgamation of talent and pragmatism. She attended both Chelsea Art School in London and Law School in Pakistan, dabbled in novel one-off cake designs for special occasions for a few years and currently owns two well established nurseries by the name of Learning Ladder located in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai. An enthusiastic collector and promoter of designers, Aniqah's penchant for artistic things in life is very evident. Not only is she very connected to the who's who in the fashion circuit, but her savoir-faire persona seamlessly blends her creative talents, knowledge, and organizational expertise to curate any event or occasion. She is one who strongly believes that "Whatever you enjoy the most, you’ll do the most, thus it should be one's true focus." Her single-mindedness and vision position her as an influencer who orchestrates the tempo of fashion, staying in tune with the present and future trends, in order to pair the leading designers with clientele having an eye for sophisticated glamour.