Stock-Car-Purchase's corporate leasing program has been introduced for the Gulf markets and with the promise of zero penalties for any early termination of contracts. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: The mobility solutions company has launched a corporate fleet subscription service for the Gulf markets. The service will provide on-demand access to a fleet of new cars without a contractual obligation.

Traditional corporate leasing options have often been associated with fixed contract tenures ranging from minimum of 12 months onwards with ‘extensive financial document requirements and penalty fees’.

Under the subscription, the tenor can be anywhere from one month to 36 months, with zero penalty for early termination. According to Soham Shah, CEO, “Businesses can now scale up or down their entire fleet on demand or dynamically upgrade to different models offering flexibility to adapt to their fleet requirements. This is a service that the traditional car leasing industry has failed to provide.”

The program eliminates the need for credit validation processes and the ‘need for an extensive list of financial documents and instead provide basic renting documents such as trade license, valid driver’s license and Emirates ID’.