Vilhelm Hedberg of ekar
Vilhelm Hedberg of ekar... the company plans to drive into new territories this year itself, including Turkey and Egypt. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The self-driving fleet operator ekar is adding a subscription service to its ‘super app’. Users can lease cars from one to nine months on a monthly subscription with no down payments or need for a longer term commitment.

The launch of the ‘self-drive super app’ comes as the operator plans to scale up operations in Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia, and Thailand during 2021.

The ekar way to go about renting a car. Supplied

“We are happy to announce that users can now access the entire self-drive vertical for cars via a single app, with pay-per-minute to multiple month subscriptions in partnership with some of the largest car rental and leasing companies,” said Vilhelm Hedberg, founder of ekar.

All cars come with maintenance and roadside assistance and can be switched, traded up, or returned at any time. A user selects a desired model on the app and a sterilized car will be door-delivered within 24 hours.

ekar has serviced more than 200,000 customers, and booked 1.3 million trips in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

“In November, we launched ‘ekar Fleet’ as part of ekar Mobility OS, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for car rental and leasing companies to rent their own fleet on the ekar platform remotely” said Hedberg. “This became an instant success, as thousands of cars were committed to the programme.”