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Ediz Tokabas, Managing Partner, B2Press Image Credit: Supplied

As the need for brands to gain competitive advantage on digital platforms grows the global PR industry up to $100 billion, communication activities for online channels are gaining momentum every year. B2Press, which has been providing online PR distribution services since 2016, increased its business volume by 104% last year, moving in the same direction as the growing industry.

Proving the success of its ‘pay as you go’ model, B2Press has announced another record year in 2022, achieving a turnover of more than €1 million with a y-o-y increase of 163%. The jump in volumes was driven by its global press release distribution business, which showed a massive 280% y-o-y increase, resulting in almost half of its revenues being generated internationally.

B2Press Managing Partner Ediz Tokabaş commented, “Our 2022 results exceeded our expectations. Our brand awareness has grown organically without our having to make a significant investment in media buying. Our biggest successes were developing new strategies for efficiently managing our rapidly increasing business flows and effectively commercializing our B2Press brand.”

Focus on diversifying revenue streams

Offering PR solutions based on a service model in which no fixed monthly fees and no long-term contract is necessary, B2Press’ clients continued to embrace its clear and easy-to-use “pay as you go” value proposition in 2022. As a result, press release distributions in different countries around the world increased by 62% in the previous year, while each press release turned out to have an average of 103 media coverages. The special features and interviews published across different media outlets grew by 375% in 2022.

Collaborating with 55 different news agencies and media databases in 2022, B2Press sent out press releases in 25 languages globally. The main regions where B2Press made press release distribution the most were Dubai/UAE, Europe, and the US, respectively, with 4th quarter sales evidence of remarkable growth in these new focus markets. B2Press continues to drive forward into new markets with distribution requests handled from locations as diverse as Spain, Poland, Brazil, Malaysia, and Indonesia in 2022.

Digital content service B2Press Plus was launched in 2022

Responding to client requests for customized digital content, B2Press Plus was launched to service leading cyber security, enterprise software companies, and other similar providers in the digital ecosystem to support their requirements for producing technical documents like white papers, website content, blog posts, and offering competitor benchmarking and market research including trend analysis.

In 2023, we want to build on our success by introducing new products, such as a new live content management system. We will continue to expand our agreements with important media groups, especially in Europe. And we want to continue to diversify our revenue streams using higher value products such as our newly-launched digital content service B2Press Plus.”

Dozens of brands from different sectors

B2Press is a leading press release distribution and online PR service based in the Netherlands. Public relations, communications, and marketing professionals use B2Press to distribute press releases and multimedia. B2Press has grown to become a trusted source for media outlets, journalists, and marketing professionals at over 450 companies operating in high-growth technology and media sectors such as SAP Turkiye, Zer, Philips, VitrA, RE/MAX, Roksit, CoinW, Express VPN, SPARK, The MENA Stevie Awards, and True Global Ventures.