A super factory of Chery Image Credit: Supplied

In 2022, Chery Group's cumulative sales reached 1,232,727 units, representing a year-over-year increase of 28.2%, with its single-month sales ending with 105,483 units in December. With 451,337 units exported, it ranks first among Chinese brands for 20 consecutive years, an increase of 67.7% year-on-year.

Chery achieved breakthrough growth in 2022, and its main business indicators reached their highest levels ever, creating several "firsts": It was the first time more than 1 million units were sold in the past year. At present, Chery Group boasts 11.20 million users worldwide, of whom 2.40 million are overseas, making it the first Chinese brand passenger vehicle to export over 450,000 units.

Chery has achieved the acceleration of sales growth by creating popular products and collaborating with users. Collaboration with overseas partners and countries allows Chery Group to explore a new model of internationalization development for Chinese enterprises, from going global, developing deeply to building brand image. In the first four months of 2022, Chery Group will export 50,000 vehicles, breaking its own record for Chinese brand passenger vehicles exported per month. The TIGGO 8 and TIGGO 7 have won the trust and favor of overseas consumers; TIGGO 8 has been designated as a reception vehicle in Brazil and other countries. By now, the cumulative export volume of Chery accounts for 20% of the total export volume of Chinese automobiles over the same period.

As a result of Chery's strategic determination and patience, all major business indicators have reached record highs. Innovation continues to drive Chery's transformation into a global technology company as it enhances the leadership of "Technology Chery". Chery introduces top global professionals across the border, establishes a chief scientis team, and establishes a technology innovation factory as the automobile industry undergoes an accelerated transformation. Chery has declared 25,795 patents, obtained 17,177 authorized patents, of which 37% are for inventions, ranking among the industry's leaders by 2022.

Based on the principle of win-win cooperation, Chery has continuously expanded its circle of partners and created several cross-border alliances for joint innovation, integrated innovation and open collaboration. To form cross-border alliances in industrial internet, intelligent solutions, power battery systems, and ecosphere cooperation, Chery Group has partnered with Haier, Huawei, Luxshare Precision, CATL, iFLYTEK, Horizon Robotics, and other leading enterprises in various industries. Chery Qingdao Super Factory and Chery Wuhu Super Factory in succession were the first factories to put the HiGOPlat industrial Internet platform into operation and apply it.

By establishing a revolutionary production mode based on mass individual customization and creating a pacesetting beacon factory, Chery explored intelligent factory construction powered by the industrial internet successfully.

The Chery Group has set a bold goal for 2023 of continuing leapfrogging growth in annual sales volume and other key business indicators. It will also aim to rank among the world's top automobile companies.