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Rafael Villalona, Cemex UAE Country Director, and Khaiser Pasha, GM, Thrifty Car Rental UAE, announce the change of 13 cars to electric vehicles

Cemex UAE announced partnering with Thrifty Car Rental to change 13 of its vehicles to Polestar electric vehicles (EVs). This partnership aligns with Cemex global climate action programme, Future in Action, aimed at reducing the company's carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices within the company’s operations.

The decision to shift to electric vehicles as part of Cemex UAE's daily operations is a strategic move that reflects the company's commitment to its environmental goals and its steady steps towards actively seeking innovative solutions to combat climate change.

About the partnership, Rafael Villalona, Country Director of Cemex UAE, says: "At Cemex, we recognise the urgent need to embrace sustainable practices within our circle of operations. By reducing our reliance on traditional fuel-powered vehicles and embracing technology, we are actively contributing to a cleaner environment and demonstrating our commitment to the sustainable development of the UAE.”

Thrifty Car Rental UAE – a group company of AA Al Moosa Enterprises ( ARENCO), was established in 1989 and specializes in fleet management, offering customised solutions for both individuals and corporations. The company is committed to providing sustainable transportation solutions, sharing Cemex’s vision for a better future.

Khaiser Pasha, General Manager of Thrifty Car Rental, comments, “We are delighted to support Cemex UAE in its journey towards decarbonisation. Our partnership is a testament to the growing demand for sustainable alternatives in the transportation sector and we are glad to be fulfilling this demand."

The partnership between Cemex UAE and Thrifty Car Rental underscores their commitment to actualise UAE's 2050 vision towards becoming a net-zero nation and a global leader in sustainability.