Save Money Only
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Most of us run to online shopping to save more money and time.

What if we tell you that you can save more money only using coupons when shop especially if you live in Dubai.

There are different ways that can help you save money, and one of the most important ways is using coupons to save money while you are shopping, whether it is online shopping or offline shopping.

In this blog we will walk you through five important steps, and the best five best ways to save money by only using coupons in Dubai.

5 Ways to save money only using coupons in Dubai

As we mentioned above, using coupons provides nothing but saving time and money. Considering that coupons provide a fast, free way to reduce spending on groceries and essentials, it’s clear why coupons are so popular.

That is why to make your shopping experience more enjoyable, we came up with five tricks to make you shopping experience more enjoyable, and save more money, and here is how.

1. Know where to find coupons

The most basic step in starting to save money using coupons is to collect them, however, collecting coupons does not have to feel like a marathon, all you have to do is to know where to find your coupons.

For example, you can use the COUPON5SM website where you can find all the coupons for your favourite shop whatever it is.

Visit Coupon5sm website and search for any store you want in Dubai and the Arab world, the COUPON5SM website is completely for free, all you have to do while visiting COUPON5SM website is to copy the coupon while purchasing your order and you will get immediate discount that can be up to 50 per cent off.

There are different free websites like COUPON5SM, that you can use anywhere you are, like MENACoupons.

2. Combine coupons with cash-back rewards apps

As we mentioned above; coupons usually provide a per cent discount or certain amount of money to let you save. But if you want to save even more on your weekly grocery haul, you can use cash-back rewards applications to earn rebates for buying certain products.

Cash reward applications are just like searching for coupons, you can research rebate opportunities before heading to the store to earn cash back for products you were going to buy anyway.

3. Shop more than once from the same store/sign up for a store savings card

Shopping from the same store is one of the ways that can help you save more money.

Store rewards cards typically provide shoppers with additional savings in the form of reward points or discounts. Plus, some loyalty programmes also send additional coupons in the mail.

As you can get all your cash back every time you shop.

4. Know your store’s coupon policy

It is essential before collecting your coupons to know the policy of those coupons.

For example, does your grocer double coupons, price-match, accept competitor coupons, or give rain checks if sale goods are out of stock?

Knowing all of that will help you know what coupons are useful for you.

If you don’t know, research coupon policies online.

To find a policy, use a browser to search for the name of your store of choice plus “coupon policy” (for example, “bath and body works coupon policy”) or look for a frequently asked questions section on the website.

These policies help you save even more money, and they aren’t always prominently advertised. Things to stay informed about include:

Price Matching: Stores don’t like losing a potential customer because a competitor has a slightly lower price tag, so many are willing to price match.

Price matching is when a store adjusts its price to match a sale at another local store.

Competitor Coupons. The store that you shop from may accept competitors’ coupons, but you should clarify who their competitors are.

For example, Publix accepts coupons for competitors’ private-label products, whereas Meijer doesn’t take competitor coupons at all. But some stores are more specific than Publix. Lowes Foods accepts competitor coupons only from select competitors, like Aldi, Food Lion, Target, and Walmart.

5. Start slowly

When you first start couponing, it feels intimidating if you’re redeeming millions of coupons and have a lot of numbers to crunch.

For your first few shopping trips, focus on the highest-value coupons, the ones you know are worth using.

That might look like bringing three 50%-off coupons or your highest-dollar-value-off coupons.

You can even try using coupons on sale products, but don’t get too creative until you’re comfortable calculating whether things are good deals and handing over coupons at the register.