Surandar Jesrani

Your journey description

When I look back, I am happy, fulfilled and have no regrets. This is such an amazing feeling.

Your passion

Build team and build business.

Your thoughts on building business


This is all about knowing what you want, where you are and where you want to go.


If you know where to go and you want something, then prepare for the same and go get it. It’s simple but not easy. There is no fun in getting things easily anyway.


Visualisation is everything so I visualise what we want and structure it well. Visualisation helps to identify what is required. You become clear and then build that model.


Be fair and think long term


Take care of your team first. It is give and take and not otherwise.


Direction is so much important. When you love what you do then you have undivided focus. There is no fun in continuously thinking about Plan B. This is natural, else why would you start Plan A? Your vision sees nothing else when you are Chief Vision Officer.


They say the speed of the leader is the speed of the gang.

Your learning

Always reconcile mind and heart.

Your take on work-life balance

It’s not about work life balance. It’s about a balanced life and it’s not a one-time task. It’s a journey which continues. Professional and personal life can’t be disintegrated from the angle that it is linked both ways. If you are personally happy then we go happy to work and being happy at work takes smiles back home. Happy family and team is what really counts and not only the work life balance.

The pandemic has been a great teacher in bringing challenges for growth. I have seen many take a conservative approach to business or personal growth during the pandemic, due to fear and uncertainty. However, it’s important to learn from the pandemic’s challenges rather than give in to fear.

What’s next?

Continued learning and building the business.