Gold's been on a high, which is why the jewellery retailer Malabar Gold & Diamonds has extended its price lock-in offer. Image Credit: Malabar Gold & Diamonds

Dubai: Malabar Gold & Diamonds is continuing with its Gold Rate Protection Scheme, where shoppers get an opportunity to buy gold at a locked in price.

Customers can pay 10 per cent advance for the jewellery and protect themselves from any increase in gold rates for 30 days. If the price increases at the time of purchase, customers can avail the booked rate, and if it reduces they can still draw mileage of the reduced rate.

“Gold prices typically rise at times of uncertainty as it is considered as the safe haven by investors,” said Shamlal Ahamed, Managing Director – International Operations. “Hence, this scheme has been designed in such a way that our customers are not affected by the increase in gold rates, by providing them with an option to block the rate, by either paying 10 per cent or 100 per cent of the value, and get rate protection for 30 days and 180 days, respectively.

‘The main attractiveness of this campaign is that the customer always gets the benefit of lower gold rate, during purchase.”

This offer will be valid until September 30.