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Dubai’s rewards-based, e-commerce platform, Kanzi, officially launches in the UAE to offer customers an opportunity to win a multitude of attractive, high-valued prizes through an innovative, customer-centric ‘Shop to Win’ business module. The recently-launched platform is one of few and exceptional e-commerce platforms in the UAE and Middle East, where shoppers are offered the chance to win luxurious prizes with every purchase they make!

The customer-centric, fun and rewarding e-commerce platform is built on a business model that is becoming largely familiar and popular amongst customers in the region. The journey is simple! With every purchase of a product on the Kanzi application or website, customers will immediately be granted a complimentary ticket to enter a draw paired with an opportunity to win valuable prizes! Kanzi will be running at least 8-10 diverse, incentive-driven, product and prize combo campaigns at a time. To ensure full transparency and fairness in the selection of winners, all of Kanzi’s prize draws will be overseen by a representative from Dubai Economy for regulation purposes.

The innovative startup prides itself on the practical and usable products it sells for affordable prices such as sustainable cups, antibacterial pens, cotton/cork notebooks and cork pens, which are all paired with luxury prizes such as cars, handbags, gold bars, electronic gadgets and more.

Additionally, Kanzi adopts a socially and ecologically-responsible business model where it contributes to the environment and society alike, by selecting products and packaging which are less toxic to the environment and contribute to less CO2 emissions. Philanthropically, the team at Kanzi will give away a portion of their revenues to accredited, non-profit organizations in the UAE.

Further setting Kanzi from other similar e-commerce platforms is its unique ‘loyalty program’ which is offered through “Koinz”, an interactive app feature where users are able to earn Koinz based on different aspects, such as referrals, frequency of participation and buying a specific amount of products. Moreover, users will be able to unlock different virtual badges based on the points they earn from different purchases and campaign participations.

Commenting on the launch of Kanzi, Rami Hamdan, Founder and CEO of Kanzi said: “We are thrilled to officially launch Kanzi in the UAE. Through Kanzi, we will offer every shopper a risk-free opportunity to experience luxury, whilst shopping for practical, eco-friendly and affordable products. At Kanzi we are obsessed about our customers and their experience with Kanzi so we thrive to bring joy and happiness to their lives.”

Kanzi was founded with a mission to enable everyone in the UAE to “experience luxury” as a reflection of Dubai’s lavish lifestyle, through a simple, yet exciting e-commerce rewards platform. The company plans to expand to the GCC within the coming few months as it grows its operations.

Consumers can register on the “Kanzi” platform by visiting www.kanziapp.com, or downloading the app via Google Play or Apple Store on their mobile phones.