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The coronavirus pandemic continues to overwhelm individuals, and one of the most painful parts for many people is the feeling of absolute vulnerability in the face of extensive pain and suffering. In an endeavour to contribute to the society during these difficult times, Gargash Hospital in Dubai administered the distribution of meal boxes during Ramadan in Dubai. About 6,500 meal boxes were distributed to blue-collared workers' accommodations before iftar.

The hospital is co-ordinating the operation in blue-collared workers’ camps. Areas that have a dense population of workers, low-income people and needy families also received the boxes.

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The hospital had special teams in place that adhered to strict COVID protocols to distribute the meal boxes. That’s not all, the meal boxes distribution process was closely monitored too. All individuals receiving these boxes at distribution points had to observe preventive guidelines including wearing of masks, social distancing and maintenance of personal hygiene.

The philanthropic act of the hospital signifies the growing collaboration between social participants to help the community in alleviating challenges in the current environment. While the initiative served as a platform to provide relief to several underprivileged individuals and families, it also reflected the UAE’s core values of social responsibility and providing help to everyone without any discrimination.