Vishal Saxena

What has been your greatest challenge during the pandemic era when leading your firm and how do you feel you have overcome this?

During the pandemic’s peak, Admiral faced major challenges such as severe supply chain disruptions, continuous price hikes from factories due to an increase in raw material prices, substantial hike in shipping costs, and so on.

Our years of expertise in the industry, core competency in the Consumer Durable and Electronics business, strong relationships with factories, ability to handle interruptions, and agility, all played a role in successfully overcoming such obstacles. I’m proud to say that Admiral supplies were least affected, allowing us to increase market share in the countries, where Admiral operates.

How has the outlook changed for your sector over the past couple of years, how is your business model evolving to keep pace with new requirements?

The business from the e-commerce platform has evolved the greatest during the pandemic. Admiral has gained significant momentum across the different online platforms in which we presently operate, and we expect this trend to continue. Customers still prefer to touch and feel products, so brick and mortar showrooms will keep their ground, although on-line platforms may see increasing purchasing patterns in a few areas. Admiral is focusing on growing its digital footprint as we continue to collaborate with our business partners across the MEA, CIS, and Turkey region, on how to grow our business through online channels. It is inexpensive and provides immediate results.

What trends are most likely to affect your business in the months and years to come?

As I previously stated, supply chain management will continue to be a significant concern for many businesses. Customers may find it difficult to accept price increase in FY22 compared to FY21, but it is a harsh fact that must be accepted. As a responsible brand, we are trying our best to absorb the escalation of costs but situation is extremely challenging from Supply Chain perspective. There may be supply delays affecting the business. Lockdowns and controlled measures in few of the markets may have an impact on the business’s recovery.

Markets have opened up and it seems business as usual. However, there is an increasing call for maintaining remote access options from several sectoral brands. Is remote access the way forward for companies in a post-COVID-19 world?

Business organizations have embraced the fact that working from remote locations has its own set of advantages, and productivity has risen in most sectors, with the exception of a few. This will most likely become the new normal for the next few years, at least until the Pandemic subsides.

How has your brand positively impacted the sector since you took over the reins of the company?

Admiral is an American brand and we are proud of our legacy and heritage ( in existence since 1934 ). Not many brands in the consumer durables industry can boast of an 87-year history. We are catching up quickly in the MENA, CIS, and Turkey region. We are adaptable and aware of the needs and objectives of our customers. Admiral’s variety of White and Brown range is incomparable to any other brand. With Admiral’s exhaustive range, consumers are spoiled for choice. We appreciate the faith placed in us by our Partners and Retailers. Admiral is an established brand in many countries that we currently operate in and we will continue to gain market share in future

Government incentives and initiatives that are pro-entrepreneurship go a long way for businesses to hit the growth path and achieve success. How supportive has the UAE government been in furthering the cause for your brand?

We are proud of the UAE’s dynamic leadership, which has played a pivotal role in the country’s development and has set a global benchmark for pandemic management. The majority of businesses in the UAE have already recovered to pre-pandemic levels and are looking forward to future expansion. The leadership of the UAE has always encouraged innovative ideas and encouraged entrepreneurship. Processes have gotten easier for businesses and corporations thanks to the government’s digital expansion plan. The ease with which businesses can be established is exceptional, the infrastructure has set a global standard, and security standards are among the highest in the world.

What are your expansion plans over the next couple of years? Which are the areas of growth regionally in your view, and how are you planning to capitalize on the same?

Admiral has partners in nearly every Middle Eastern market in a short period of time. This alone demonstrates the Group’s adaptability. We make quick decisions and put them into action as quickly as possible. We value efficiency above all else, therefore we multi-task to keep things moving. Admiral Board is presently concentrating on expanding into Africa, CIS, and Turkey. Our teams are currently in contact with a number of potential partners. “ A Brand is as strong as your partner “ is our motto. We choose our partners with care, since we believe in long-term relationship.

In closing, and in keeping with the theme of this report, how would you define leadership in the context of a post-COVID-19 world?

Admiral believes that leaders should have faith in their employees and offer them room and freedom to work. We don’t believe in micromanaging our operations and encourage our employees to make bold decisions that benefit our consumers. A competent leader must ensure that all members of his team give their best without any fear of failure. A swift decision is better than no decision.