Nabil Ibenbrahim, Deputy Managing Director at HPS Solutions Image Credit: Supplied

How is HPS supporting the UAE’s government cashless drive?

HPS has a strong presence in the MENA region, including the UAE with more than 10 financial institutions using our comprehensive payment solutions. We are supporting our customers through our solutions in their digital transformation and hence helping the UAE move towards a cashless society.

HPS has always been a pioneer when it comes to cashless initiatives. As a matter of fact, HPS has enabled the launch of an interoperable mobile payment program in multiple countries where the entire financial ecosystem banks, wallets providers, telecommunication firms are offering a digital interoperable payments and transfers services to their end customers in order to ensure financial inclusion and drive the economy towards a cashless future.

How does HPS Solutions provide cutting edge payments technology in the UAE and wider region?

HPS places innovation at the heart of its vision. For more than 20 years, HPS has invested in product development to improve the PowerCARD suite of solutions, and to continuously and consistently redefine payments in its most innovative forms. HPS is deeply engaged in an Open Innovation programme in an endeavour to create value for their PowerCARD users and include these latter in the design of a need-based and market-adapted roadmap. HPS’ strength becomes clear: innovation happens at each and every level of production, delivery and support.

End-users are looking for improved user experience and simplicity, and banks should invest in their customers’ expectations. As their customers’ expectations change and evolve, it is important to invest in a future-proof and open platform, enabling innovation. This is why HPS keeps investing in PowerCARD to deliver innovation that matters.

PowerCARD, HPS’ suite of solutions covering the entire payment value chain, provides mobile payment capabilities. In addition to the launch of the interoperable mobile payment programme, HPS supported the launch of an instant payment programme enabling individuals and companies to transfer funds from their bank accounts to the bank account of a beneficiary in another bank instantly. PowerCARD also supported the launch of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and HCE for its customers all around the world.

PowerCARD Open Payment Platform allows the digitalisation of all banking services and drives HPS’ customers digital transformation (thanks to 200+ open APIs, PowerCARD can be integrated with any third party).

How does the HPS PowerCARD meet the various needs of clients in the UAE?

Thanks to our digital-ready platform, our customers have been able to launch multiple digital initiatives such as contactless payments, mobile payment (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay) and QR payment wallets.

Leveraging our platform’s rich open APIs and our large international experience in more than 90 countries, our customers have been able to build strategic partnerships with fintech and payment providers to offer innovative and disruptive services to their customers and merchants.