Abu Dhabi: Strata Manufacturing (Strata) on Sunday said it extended an agreement with Switzerland-based Pilatus Aircraft Ltd to manufacture flap track fairings for the PC-24, a twin-engined business jet.

“Pilatus is a key customer of our global partner network and this extended agreement highlights Strata’s advanced technological capabilities in the global aerospace supply chain — including our UAE-made components,” said Esmail Ali Abdullah, CEO of Strata in a statement.

The first flap track fairings, designed to cover the gaps between aircraft parts to reduce drag and improve appearance will be delivered for “first article inspection” by the end of this year.

In February, Strata delivered its first shipset of belly fairings for the PC-24, which is specifically engineered to take off and land from unpaved runways with incredible short-field performance.

“We are extremely satisfied and we look forward to continuing to strengthen the relationship with Strata and the UAE in line with the Vision 2030. We are today launching the second PC-24 composites package and we look forward to receive the First Article from Strata in 2019,” said Roman Emmenegger, VP Manufacturing at Pilatus Aircraft Ltd.

Strata works with leading aircraft manufacturers, including Airbus, Boeing, Leonardo, and Pilatus and employs more than 700 people of 30 different nationalities, with more than half of its workforce being represented by Emirati nationals.