Passengers will need lots of assurances to get them back to catching flights and taking holidays in far-off lands. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: The Seychelles, Greece and Tanzania top the list of countries that the insurer AXA identifies as destinations where travelers don’t have to go through the quarantining process.

“As travel restrictions are relaxed, customers are looking to get away and an increasing number of destinations are opening up to them,” AXA said in a statement. It has introduced a cover for COVID-19 to all its travel insurance policies.

The other destinations are Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Croatia, Kenya, Indonesia and Austria.

AXA’s announcement comes after IATA (International Air Transport Association) said that 44 per cent of travelers would increase their likelihood to start flying again if COVID-19 insurance was made available.

“It made sense to provide the necessary peace of mind to those individuals and families looking to travel safely,” said Franck Heimburger, Chief Personal Lines Officer at AXA Gulf.

For anyone testing positive, AXA’s travel policies now include the cost of COVID-19 emergency medical expenses and the insurer will also meet expenses associated with the rescheduling of a return flight caused as a result of the virus.

AXA will reimburse its travel insurance policy holders for up to $5,000 for irrecoverable travel costs.