An Emirates Airbus A380, the world's largest commercial passenger plane. Image Credit: File photo

Dubai: An Emirates flight out of Dubai had to make an emergency landing this week in Europe to treat a passenger who needed immediate medical assistance.

The flight, EK35, took off Dubai International at 7:41am on Monday and was scheduled to arrive in Newcastle at 11:20am on the same day.

Several hours into the flight, the crew members were alerted about a medical emergency that reportedly involved a baby.

The Pilots decided to reroute the plane to an airport in Prague. According to media reports, the emergency had to do with a baby.

Quoting a witness at the airport, Chronicle Live reported that a “small baby was taken off the plane to get treatment.” However, Emirates would not confirm this information, citing that it wants to protect the passenger's privacy.

“Emirates can confirm that on Monday 25th February flight EK35 from Dubai to Newcastle was diverted to Prague due to a passenger medical emergency,” the airline’s spokesperson said.

The airline said the passenger was immediately attended to by the local medical staff in Prague as soon as the plane landed.

“[The plane] refueled and continued onwards to Newcastle. Emirates apologises for the inconvenience. The health and safety of our crew and passengers is of paramount importance,” the airline said.