Riyadh Air CEO Tony Douglas unveils the second livery for new Saudi airline in Dubai. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: The new Saudi airline has brought out a second livery for its aircraft. And it was all done virtually.

While the aircraft with the new livery wasn’t physically present at the Dubai Airshow, which opened Monday Riyadh Air CEO Tony Douglas unveiled the iridescent, almost pearly white, livery using mixed-reality.

“We will have them on all our 787s and our narrow bodies,” said Douglas.

“It's a brand that has an obsessional attention to detail with guest experience. It's a brand that is a true digital native because we have no legacy. And it's a brand that stands for commercial aviation, environmental sustainability.

“These are the two of the pillars of that brand today.”

The airline’s first all-indigo livery is as showcased at the Paris Airshow in June.