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Every product Ascend Access Systems Scaffolding produces is inspected and evaluated, and the company’s CEO and Founder Shadab Ahsan explains that their aluminium scaffolding and products follow EN1004 standards, known as Kitemark Certification. “We are the first and only scaffolding company in the GCC to have this certification from the British Standard Institute.”

“There is always an advantage of achieving this certification, especially to export to European countries, which require this Kitemark Certification,” he says. “Getting this certification is a continuous process in which they ensure whoever gets it continues to maintain this standard of a perfect product.”

Compliance and certification are two different things, he says. “Some companies have received compliance which involves a one-time compliance certification after product testing from a third-party.”

With certification, all components in manufacturing must be certified with known traceability of the product.

“There’s a permanent embossing on the products, and every item must match these specifications — from the nuts and washer to bolts,” Ahsan explains. With metal, it has to be corrosion resistant and hot dip galvanised, according to international specifications.

Different products have various specifications and requirements, he explains. “The couplers used on construction sites are certified as EN74 standard, the tubes are EN39 standard — so this involves the quality to the material to the configuration, plus the longevity and corrosion wear.”

Ascend started as an aluminium scaffolding company in 2006, and once they started manufacturing here, Ahsan says they took the lead first and managed to sell to the end users, directly on the projects. “Ascend started with aluminium scaffolding in the MEP sector for electrical jobs in major commercial projects.”

Ascend started diversifying and introduced fiberglass, cuplock, and ringlock scaffolding in 2018. There’s a certain industry that requires fiberglass as compared to aluminium scaffolding for certain reasons. “Fiberglass is non-conductive to electricity so when we supply fiberglass scaffolding with anti-slip wooden deck and complete fiberglass filtration, it is completely safe for select jobs and completely safe from heat,” he explains.

“Also, fiberglass is strong. In aluminium, we’re able to achieve 750kg for moveable scaffolding, but in fiberglass we’re able to achieve 850kg, so there is more load bearing capacity.”

Ascend also introduced a work platform for higher level access in the form of a foldable rolling ladder. “This became very popular because most sites require 3Sm, ultimately making our market position stronger,” he says.

“Moreover, Ascend is giving the market a new choice with our platform ladder.” With scaffolding, you need to assemble, store, and transport, but their platform ladder is foldable and actually can go from 2-Bm working height, making it a more practical product.