Sotheby's Dubai is holding a three-day exhibition on contemporary art of Andy Warhol's prints. The Warhol aura endures. Image Credit: Suppplied

Dubai: One will never know for sure whether Andy Warhol did or didn’t say that everyone is entitled to 15 minutes of fame. But when it comes to the artist himself, his influence keeps on stretching well beyond those 15 minutes.

Warhol, who strode the art world through the 1960s and 70 and died in 1987, still resonates far and beyond the New York streets and boroughs where he plied his trade. A private collection of some of his most celebrated prints – including those of Queen Elizabeth II and Muhammad Ali – have gone on display at Sotheby’s DIFC Gallery in Dubai. This is part of the auction house’s exhibition on contemporary art, jewellery and watches. (This is the first time that Sotheby’s Dubai is showcasing work from its twice-a-year contemporary art auctions in New York.)

Clearly, Warhol’s relevance is not going to ebb. “We often talk about blue-chip art and artists - names like Picasso command the highest prices when they appear on the market,” said Mai Eldib, Head of Sales at Sotheby’s Dubai. “Warhol is well and truly on this list.

“His style is instantly recognisable and he pioneered a path that no one since has really been able to imitate. From the recognisable hair to his factory, he was an icon just like the famous celebrities that he depicted. Often when you think of a personality from his time, say, Marilyn Monroe, the first image that pops into your head is Warhol’s portrait of them.”

Warhol's Marilyn, incidentally, sold at an auction earlier this year for $195 million, which was the highest price ever for the artist. And the second highest price for any artwork sold at auction. (The original silkscreen painting of ‘Marilyn Diptych’ was done in 1962.)

While the Marilyn one will not make it to Dubai, the ones that have are an equally indelible part of pop culture. We selected three of Warhol’s most sought-after sets to exhibit, from Muhammad Ali – who is a real icon on the region – to the ‘Ads’ set, which is among the rarest of his prints on the market,” said Eldib. “These date from the late 1970s to the mid-80s, so towards the end of his life.

“Prints are such a perfect medium for Warhol, making his art accessible to a wider pool of collectors. This selection we are showcasing in Dubai is of the highest calibre that has never been exhibited here.

“The artworks all come from the same private collection, and the single owner auction of just under 30 lots represents an exciting moment in the market for the artist’s prints.”