Truly blended educational platforms will push the message of equality to the top. That's what is needed as well. Image Credit: Supplied

History has seen it all. It has seen the US Civil Rights Act in 1964, which prohibited any form of discrimination on the basis of race, gender, and religion. People have also witnessed the South African apartheid, which segregated citizens by their race until 1990.

In 2022, these issues somehow continue to prevail in some firm. More than ever, it is up to the younger generations to take control and pave the way toward equality across all social interactions, including at workplaces. From the classroom to the real world of jobs and livelihood, it is up to students to create a nurturing environment for themselves and the generations thereafter.

Equality within the student fraternity is extremely vital due to sustaining diversity within essentially all countries. Travel and emigration is now at its highest, and with people from various races, genders, and abilities settling themselves in unfamiliar locations, it is the time to establish an atmosphere of equality starting in the classroom. Teachers and students are able to benefit from growing as a community and learning from others’ differences rather than devaluing marginalized groups.

A lab to the world

With Dubai being one of the most pluralistic cities in the world - hosting up to 200 nationalities - a welcoming and inclusive environment exists for each individual to thrive. Equality is necessary for the development of one’s independence and individuality. When stereotypes such as the ‘un-belonging’ of women in STEM, lack of equality opportunities begin to limit the growth of one’s mindset and their ability to take control of their educational journey.

In a setting where students are raised fairly and uniformly, it allows the gap between privileged and unprivileged to lessen through the form of quality education.

Individuals’ earliest years are when they are able to learn the most. These prime years of brain development and thinking skills are developed during elementary and middle school, and in these stages, they are thoroughly moulded by the community around them. If they are instructed to discriminate against others and follow a life of intolerance, then this will stunt their own educational experience along with that of those around them.

Undermined at the start itself

Exposed to a corrupt mental hierarchy at an early stage, students’ confidence levels and tenacities weaken as they grow older and the world around them grows more diverse. When all students in a classroom are seen as equal in their value and what they have to individually offer, healthier relationships and lifestyles are able to be constructed. Moreover, this could also lead to lower levels of bullying within schools.

Equality ensures that all individuals have equivalence in status, opportunities, and rights. Further, pluralism represents the idea to coexist and flourish even with differences in interests, backgrounds and lifestyles. With a fusion of these concepts, students are able to take their educational experience to the next level.

When they are given fair opportunities in the classroom, it allows them to take diversity to their advantage, experience success, and build confidence in themselves.