Dev Maitra, Managing Director, Savington International Insurance Brokers LLC Image Credit: Supplied

When did Savington Insurance start operations in the UAE, please share a bit of brand history?

Savington started operations on April 2006 but it was under a different management. The acquisition happened in the year 2011. We have been successfully managing Savington since then and achieved several milestones. The strong foundation, qualified teamwork, strong commitment to customer service, insatiable appetite to evolve and achieve higher ground is what defines our Brand.

Please share your portfolio of services.

Insurance Authority, UAE has licensed us to provide brokerage services in all lines of insurance products. Be in the personal lines of retail motor, medical, home, travel and life insurance. To all the commercial classes of group medical insurance, commercial motor insurance, motor fleet, all types of property and liability insurance, professional indemnity and marine to name a few.

However challenging or bespoke the requirement, may be, for the client, we strive to delight the client with our specially designed program.

I believe Savington was recently awarded for its superlative insurance services, could you share some information on the same?

Yes, you are right. Though to be honest we have received awards and recognitions in the past as well from various organisations and industry bodies and stake holders.

Though as clichéd as it might sound the biggest award for us is to be able to keep our clients happy so that they are able to renew their policies with us year after year with complete confidence on our competence.

The Covid situation has shaken up the insurance sector much as it has other industries. What’s been the impact locally and how is Savington helping to mitigate the aftereffects?

The pandemic has been very disrupting to the overall economy. We have tried to follow the guidance of the wise leadership of the UAE in the letter of the law and spirit. It was vital that we had to keep our employees safe and provide them all the tools so that they can work from home and keep the work going as it was vital that our clients would have their health insurance ready should they need to use it. We have implemented several innovative tools to dynamically evolve as a Corporate and remain a step ahead in these uncertain times.