BOTH and People2.0
BOTH, which is based in Abu Dhabi, will operate under the People2.0 branding. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: People2.0, one of the world’s biggest independent employer-of-record and agent-of-record services platforms, has acquired Abu Dhabi-based Back of The House (BOTH).

“We have identified the Middle East as a strategically important market in our global coverage,” said Erik Vonk, People2.0’s Executive Chairman. “The region has many thriving economies with very sophisticated, international workforces.”

People2.0 offers talent providers the “capabilities to put anyone to work anywhere”. The BOTH Group has provided EOR and AOR services to a swathe of regional and international clients since 2009. “The opportunity to partner with BOTH — with in-country operations throughout the Gulf — allows us to further our mission to be on the frontlines of the workforce revolution,” said Vonk. “We can meet highly prevalent needs for instant, on-demand international deployment arrangements in an environment known to attract large quantities of professionals from around the globe.”

Anna Heystek, co-founder and Managing Director of BOTH, believes the merger will massively boost its international client offering. “BOTH’s region-based clients are now able to offer work arrangements in all major economic centres.”

BOTH’s leadership team will be assuming key roles in the new entity, with BOTH operating under the People2.0 name and brand.