Save for a few mild tweaks, the Pajero has looked pretty much the same for the past nine years. Image Credit: Stefan Lindeque/ANM

Dubai: More than 50,000 Mitsubishi Pajero cars were recalled from the UAE due to malfunctioning airbags, Al Habtoor Motors announced on Monday.

According to a statement issued by Al Habtoor Motors, the recall for 53,918 vehicles was made following the instructions of the Ministry of Economy for the V90W/V80W Mitsubishi Pajeros made between January 2013 and December 2017.

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 “We regret to inform that due to usage condition, the changes of temperature and longtime humidity, the propellant (ammonium nitrate) in the inflator for passenger side frontal airbag may be deteriorated and, as a result, the inflator body may rupture at the time of airbag deployment,” said Al Habtoor Motors.

“Therefore the frontal airbag inflator for passenger side has to be changed."

As part of the recall safety Campaign, Al Habtoor Motors is contacting customers with affected models to arrange for repairs by contacting crm@habtoormotors.com or calling the service centre on 800 254 228 667.