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Dubai: At the start of this week, the cost of fruits slipped slightly after staying pricier than usual for the past few weeks. However, some staple vegetables got a bit more expensive and fish prices largely stayed the same.

When analysing price changes seen mid-week, as expected, the changes that were seen in the costs of most grocery items, including the price of fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry and seafood, were not all that significant - except for a few.

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While the cost of most poultry variants stayed in check, like frozen chicken and eggs, the cost of fresh chicken rose near Dh2 for a kilogram. When it came to fish prices, although most prices stayed the same, the cost of protein-rich Salmon dropped by nearly Dh10 for a kilogram.

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Fish prices stay cheap

The first three days had seen the cost of all seafood varieties stay the same after the latter half of last week saw the cost of most fish variants drop. So, if you were looking to protect yourself from any future price increases, now would be the ideal time to stock up or try out a seafood dish!

When studying the trend of seafood prices, the cost of a few popular fish variants that were constantly seen fluctuating in prior weeks, like Hammour, Sea Bream and Seabass, stayed in check.

Another good news for those seafood-lovers is that the price of a kilo of small shrimp, which had dropped Dh5.6 on over a week back, remained more or less unchanged since! Although at the the start of last week, the cost had spiked momentarily, it has dropped back to lower price levels, and remains so even at the start of this week.

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Cost of veggies mostly rise, fruits prices slip

The price of vegetables like onions and tomatoes – the common staples in almost every household – in previous months have kept fluctuating back and forth.

However, it was observed that the previous two weeks, costs of the two items saw little-to-any change. At the start of this week there was a slight spike of 30 fils for a kilo of tomatoes, but onion prices stayed in check.

While the daily per kilogram cost of potatoes rose during the start of the week, the cost of cucumbers dropped. But when analysing the price change with the drop seen last week, vegetables have stayed largely cheap, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get some grocery shopping done before the weekend rush!

Moreover, as fruits like bananas and apples have become cheaper, after having risen a couple of weeks back, go ahead and stock up on those too.

Key highlights pertaining to price changes that were seen halfway through the week:

The cost of fresh chicken rose Dh1.8 during the start of the week, from last weekend. A kilo now costs Dh13.8. The cost of eggs and frozen chicken stayed the same.

When coming to seafood, the cost of fish stayed largely unchanged at the start of the week, particularly the cost of Seabass, Sea Bream and Kingfish. A kilo of Seabream has been costing Dh35 per kilogram for the last couple of weeks, falling from Dh38.9 per kilogram prior to that. Also, the cost of Hammour, which has a starting cost of Dh66, stayed the same since.

The cost of a kilogram of Salmon is now at Dh29.8, dropping Dh9 after the price level stayed steady last week. The price of Kingfish fell to Dh38.9, from Dh39.9 per kilogram.

However, the cost of small-sized shrimp, after dropping Dh5.6 per kilogram over a week back, stayed cheap at the start of this week. It now costs Dh29.9, dropping from Dh31.9 seen at the start of last week. So, consider picking up some shrimp ahead of this weekend, which will be easy on your pocket.

When it comes to fruits, apples now cost Dh4.8 per kilogram and stayed cheap, dropping from Dh5 at the start of this week and Dh6 per kilogram seen last week. When it comes to a kilo of lime, after slipping Dh1 from last week, stayed steady at Dh4.9 per kilogram. However, the price of bananas fell 50fils for a second time this week and now costs Dh3.5.

The cost of lettuce – which often fluctuates – is now priced at Dh5 for a kilogram, and has not changed last week and the start of this week as well.