Bride Gets Decked Up In Pani Puri Garland, Crown & Bracelet
Image Credit: Screengrab from vidoe instagrammed by arthibalajimakeoverstyles

Ever liked eating something so much that you wanted to wear it? Yes, us neither. But there is a South Indian bride in India who took her love for street food to the next level. Golgappas – or small fried flatbread filled with stuffing and spicy water – featured in one wedding-ready woman’s bridal make-up.

The video has since gone viral.

The footage was posted on Instagram by user @arthibalajimakeoverstyles, who was the bride's make-up artist. Since it was shared, it has received over 4.7 million views and 125k likes.

The bride, who was wearing a golgappa garland and bracelet, was visible in the short film. There were also golgappas piled up in front of her.  It's unclear whether it was part of a wedding ritual or just some unusual jewelry.

This wasn't the only video of the bride on the make-up artist's Instagram account. The same bride was seen seated with a pile of rice papads on her head in another popular video. In what appeared to be an odd wedding ritual, the pile was then crushed on her. Take a look at this:

Social media are adoring on the bride's fondness for golgappas after this amusing video went viral. Many foodies tagged their friends and even said they planned to do the same thing for their wedding.