Flowers outside mosque
People leave flowers and messages of encouragement outside mosques around the world Image Credit: Twitter

What you need to know:

  • People all around the world leave flowers and messages outside mosques, to show solidarity with the victims of the Christchurch shooting.

Dubai: People are leaving floral tributes and messages of support outside mosques in New Zealand and around the world, after the massacre at two Christchurch mosques took 50 lives.

Social media users shared pictures of the flowers, in solidarity with the Muslim community.

Twitter user @milkpr1nce posted: “It was very emotional to be there with the rest of the city and see everyone writing messages and bringing flowers and candles outside the mosque in Christchurch today.”

While tweep @Nouronal posted: “My mother wanted me to post this. These flowers were left outside the mosque she goes to for Jummah. She wanted people to remember that true faith is treating others with kindness and she saw that today. #NewZealand #Christchurch.”

And @lexi_nels shared a picture of thousands of flower bouquets outside a mosque in Auckland, with the caption: “The flowers & tributes outside Al-Masid Al Jamie Mosque in Ponsonby look like they’ve tripled in size since a few hours ago #Christchurch.”

Police officers in New Zealand also paid tribute to those who lost their lives.

Tweep @Neale_melissa posed: “Armed police outside Kilbirnie Mosque, please lay flowers or sign a message in chalk. Few tears today for my community.”

And @SahidaAmila said: “A heap of flowers were left outside our mosque in Palmerston North and cops are guarding the place with guns. Thank you for your support. Please stay safe.”

Wishes poured in from around the world as people encouraged others to show up outside mosques and stand in support of the victims.

Tweep @AbtsamGondal posted a picture with the caption: “I cannot appreciate enough all the love received from a whole range of different communities. I’m almost in tears from these kind acts. These flowers were left outside a Mosque in Melbourne. I wish I could hug the people who did this. Love for all, hatred for none.”

And @CorinneEMay posted a picture with the caption: “...Flowers left outside the #Maroochydore Mosque, paying tribute to the #Christchurch victims. The Sunshine Coast is standing in solidarity with our Muslim community.”

In addition to flower bouquets, many people left messages, cards and drawings outside mosques. Some messages read: “We love you”, “You belong here”, “We are one” and more. A man was photographed holding a sign outside a mosque that read: “You are my friends, I will keep watch while you pray.”