Australia is a pot pourri of cultures and it's a given that this should reflect in their cuisine.

Australia's modern cuisine is emerging as an amalgamation of fragrant herbs, rich meats and the freshest produce. The vast influx of immigrants has given Aussie fusion cuisine its complex character as it continues to absorb influences from numerous international cooking styles.

Historically, Australian cuisine was based on traditional British cuisine. "Australian cuisine has a firm European base that chefs then incorporate into other styles of cooking. Cooking in Australia gives individual chefs flexibility with their style and allows them to be as creative as possible. In other parts of the world you are more likely to see top-end restaurants that showcase one particular style," says Carl Middleton, Head Chef, Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney.

"In Australia you can often find chefs who are more willing to blend different styles. With the great variety in produce that Australia offers and the pot pourri of cultures that call Australia home, customers can choose from a large variety of cooking styles and are a lot more open to new ways of cooking and blending ideas and flavours."

But as the country grew, so did its repertoire of cuisines, with Greek, Asian, German and Arabic foods gaining popularity. "Australian cuisine is ever changing due to the multicultural society in which we live. Our cuisine is predominately taken from other cultures such as British, French and Asian with an Australian twist added to make it our own," says Steve Szabo, Executive Chef, Palazzo Versace, Gold Coast.

Depending on its demographic composition, each city in Australia tends to lean towards a particular cuisine. "Food changes with each city in Australia — in Brisbane, for example, you can eat the best Nasi Goreng as Asian food is popular there, while Sydney's steaks and sea-food options are the best," says Bernd Geiger, executive chef at Al Manzil and Qamardeen. A typical Australian dinner would consist of steak and three vegetables. "Vegemite, weetabix, the Aussie meat pie, pavlova and lamingtons are distinctive Australian products. Of course, tomato sauce is a must," says Szabo.

Fusion cuisine is popular throughout Australia as many top restaurants are blending tastes from other countries and regions in order to establish their own distinctive styles. "In a country such as Australia, fusion is its essential cuisine. With the vast range of fresh produce, we are able to create different cuisinestyles," says Szabo.

In Dubai, Australian meat, cheese and produce rank high in many a chef's kitchen. Chef Ingo Maas of the JW Marriott, Dubai, is a fan of top-quality produce and cheeses from Tasmania. "Very few pesticides or additives are used in cultivation of Tasmania's produce, which gives it a great flavour," he says.

Australian fusion cuisine has managed to combine Asian herbs such as lemongrass, ginger, galangal, coriander and cardamom into European dishes cooked in Indian styles, describing the blend of ethnic traditions that is Australian fusion cuisine.

"Modern Australian cuisine is fusing styles and developing its own distinct personality," concludes Maas.


- Arnotts — biscuits
- Bundaberg — beverages
- Capilano — honey
- Bulla — ice cream
- Bega — cheese
- Bee Natural - energy bars
- Hartz — flavoured mineral water
- SPC Ardmona — canned fruit
- Taylors — sauces
- Golden Boronia — nougat
- Golden Circle — juices
- Borgcraft — pastries
- Lemnos — cheese
- Cerebos — sauces and dressings
- Yoplait — yoghurts
- Margaret River Dairy Company — cheese
- Wescobee Ltd — honey
- Golden Boronia Australia — nougat
- Elmstock Tea Company Pty Ltd — tea
- Dome Coffees — coffee
- Dandaragan Estate — olive oil
- Punch Coffee Company — coffee
- Mills & Wares — cakes, puddings, biscuits
- Kailis Bros Pty Ltd — seafood
- Mulatage Aquaculture — seafood
- PB Foods — dairy products and ice cream
- Fresh produce such as carrots, strawberries, stone fruits and asparagus are also imported into the UAE from Australia

- Source: Australian Trade Commissionand Western Australia Trade Office

Restaurants in Dubai serving Australian cuisine

- Aussie Legends Bar & Grill,
Rydges Plaza Hotel, Satwa Roundabout.
Tel: 04-3982222; e-mail:; Website:

- Nezesaussi, Al Manzil Hotel,
Burj Dubai Boulevard, Shaikh Zayed Road.
Tel: 04-4285927.

- Yalumba, Le Meridien Dubai.
Tel: 04-2824040;