Samosas made by Australian PM Image Credit: Twiter

The Australian Prime Minister posted a picture of samosas he made “from scratch” on Sunday, May 31, while in quarantine, and expressed that he would have liked to share the South Asian delicacy with his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi.

Scott Morrison, @ScottMorrisonMP, took to Twitter and wrote: “Sunday ScoMosas with mango chutney, all made from scratch - including the chutney! A pity my meeting with @narendramodi this week is by videolink. They’re vegetarian, I would have liked to share them with him.”

In his post, he reassured Modi, who is a strict vegetarian that the dish was suitable for his dietary requirements.

Modi, @narendramodi, was quick to respond to the tweet and said that the samosas looked “delicious” and even made a plan to enjoy the dish together after the pandemic is over: “Connected by the Indian Ocean, united by the Indian Samosa! Looks delicious, PM @ScottMorrisonMP! Once we achieve a decisive victory against COVID-19, we will enjoy the Samosas together. Looking forward to our video meet on the 4th.”

Morrison's tweet comes ahead of his video meet with Modi on June 4.

According to Indian media outlets, Modi hopes to expand the strategic partnership with Australia.

The two sides at the meet are expected to conclude agreements to develop reliable supply chains in key strategic sectors, including medical goods, technology and critical minerals, it was reported.

Morrison was scheduled to visit New Delhi in January but had to postponed his plans due to the bush fires in Australia. The rescheduled plan for May was put on hold due to the outbreak of COVID-19.