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An Iraqi worker loads ice blocks into a customer's pick-up truck at a factory in the northern city of Mosul, on July 3, 2021, amid power outages and soaring temperatures. Anger has mounted among Iraq's 40-million population, with corrupt politicians at the centre of a blame game for its poor services and dilapidated infrastructure. Four southern provinces have been without electricity since June 29, and sizzling temperatures have been compounded by high levels of humidity. Image Credit: AFP

Cairo: Iraq has recently been rocked by protests against frequent power outages in the country scorched by high temperatures. But a young Iraqi sought to make his protest different and high-profile.

A video went viral of the man, reportedly a native of the southern city of Al Samawa, showing him walking on high-voltage wires during a power cut. The protester appears making his risky walk without batting an eyelid.

There has been no comment from authorities.

Several parts of Iraq, including the southern areas, on Friday experienced a major power outage as the temperatures soared to over 50 degrees Celsius. Angry protesters took to the streets, demanding a better electricity service and constant supplies.

Prime Minister Mustafa Al Kadhimi, who was on a visit to Italy at the time, formed an emergency high-level committee to grapple with the chronic electricity shortage that usually exacerbates in summer.

The government has partially blamed the problem on subversive attacks on power transmission towers across the country.

The recent attacks have killed seven people, injured 11 others and crippled 61 main electricity lines, a government media office said.