The campaign against Alstom and Veolia for their involvement in the Jerusalem Light Rail project has been one of the most successful aspects of the "Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions" movement, activists said. Below are milestones in the campaign.


August: Irish Trade Union forces Veolia to cancel plans to train Israeli drivers and engineers in Ireland.

November: Dutch bank ASN sells shares in Veolia, saying it is "not in line with the UN's demands to stop support for [colony] activities".


October: PLO and Association France-Palestine Solidarite (AFPS) file a lawsuit in France against Veolia and Alstom, citing breaches of the fourth Geneva convention


January: Veolia loses $4.5 billion contract to run Stockholm subway, after 10 years of operation.

March: The Swedish National Pension fund, AP7, excludes Alstom from its portfolio.

April: Galway, Ireland votes not to renew Veolia's contract to operate the city's underground transport system.

April: Veolia loses a contract worth 750 million euros in Bordeaux, France.

April: A French court agrees to hear the case that was launched against Veolia and Alstom by AFPS and the PLO in 2007.

May: Palestinian Authority foreign officials say they are applying pressure on Saudi Arabia to withdraw the Makkah-Madinah rail contract from Alstom.

June: Victoria, Australia refrains from renewing a contract with Veolia Transport to operate Melbourne's train services.

June: Tehran announces that Veolia will be excluded from bidding for key contracts in the city's transport services.

June: Israeli media reports that Veolia has sold its five per cent stake in the project. Veolia does not confirm or deny.

November: 170 Palestinian civil society organisations make a public appeal to Saudi Arabia and GCC states to withdraw contracts from the two French companies.


May: Dublin City Council passes a resolution calling on the city manager to not sign or renew contracts with Veolia.

June: City Council in Swansea, Wales, passes a resolution to exclude Veolia from all future contracts.

October: City Council in Cork, Ireland, passes a motion to not enter into any new contracts, or renew any existing contracts, with Veolia.

October: Veolia reportedly signs an agreement to sell its five per cent shares in the JLR to the Israeli transport co-operative, Egged, in stages

October: Israeli media reports that Alstom plans to sell its 20 per cent share in the JLR to Israeli consortium partners.

Source: "Derail Veolia and Alstom" campaign, others