He allegedly asked each of his children to give him 300,000 Syrian pounds to acknowledge paternity and register them. Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: A Syrian father has refused to acknowledge paternity for six children, unless he receives 300,000 Syrian pounds from each in exchange for acknowledgment, Syrian media reported.Syrian 

The man, who has three sons and three daughters, is from the city of Quneitra, south-western Syria, which borders the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

The children, three sons and three daughters, have no birth certificates because he refused to register them officially in the civil status department.

They repeatedly asked their father to do so, but he asked each to give him cash sum of 300,000 pounds to acknowledge his paternity for them and register them.

A complaint was filed by the husband of one of the man’s daughters, demanding the father’s acknowledgment of his paternity for his wife.

The husband said he had been married under a contract signed with a lawyer, noting that he had assigned the lawyer to contact the father and follow the procedures to establish his wife’s lineage.

The man’s son-in-law indicated that the lawyer assigned to the case has been delaying giving him a copy of the marriage contract, expecting there was an implicit agreement between his father-in-law and the lawyer, as both requested large sums of money that the family was unable to afford.

The case has been referred to a legal authority in Quneitra, after which a legal team contacted the father, but to no avail, because the father is still demanding money in exchange for registering his six children in his name.