Sudan’s top general said Hamdok was “at my home”. “Yes, we arrested ministers and politicians, but not all” of them, Al Burhan told a news conference on October 26, 2021. Image Credit: AFP

DUbai: Sudan’s top general Abdul Fattah Al Burhan said on Tuesday the decision to dissolve the government of Abdullah Hamdok was taken in order to avoid civil war, accusing political forces of incitement against the armed forces.

Al Burhan said he was keeping Hamdok at his own house. He told a news conference in Khartoum that Hamdok was safe and kept away “for his own safety.”  He said that Hamdok was "in good health" and would "return home when the crisis is over".

He said that a sovereign council and cabinet will be formed but with real representation from all states.

“The dangers we witnessed last week could have led the country into civil war,” he said. Cabinet ministers had attended demonstrations last week toAl

Burhan said the military’s action did not amount to a coup, as the army had been trying to rectify the path of the political transition.  

"We only wanted to correct the course to a transition. We had promised the people of Sudan and the entire world. We will protect this transition,” said Al Burhan. He said a new government would be formed which would not contain any typical politicians.

He said the emergency law will be scrapped as soon as institutions are formed and Internet will be gradually restored.

Flights suspended

Sudan has suspended all inbound and outbound flights until October 30, the country's civil aviation authority said Tuesday.

"All incoming and outgoing flights from Khartoum Airport have been suspended until October 30 due to the situation in the country," said Civil Aviation Authority Director General Ibrahim Adlan.

UN calls for immediate release of Hamdok

At the United Nations, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for the immediate release of Sudan's prime minister.

Hamdok "must be released immediately," Guterres said as the UN Security Council held an emergency meeting on the putsch in Sudan.