From left: The President of the Sudanese Transitional Council General Abdel Fattah Al Burhan; Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; and Sudan's Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: The Sudanese Cabinet on Tuesday annulled the 1958 'Israel Boycott Act’ that had earlier prohibited establishing relations with Israel, local media reported.

The Cabinet abolished the act during its meeting to activate the Israel-Sudan normalisation agreement reached by both sides on October 23, 2020, whereby Israel and Sudan agreed to normalise relations.

On January 6, Khartoum signed the “Abraham Accords” with the US to normalise relations with Israel, during the historic visit of former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to Khartoum.

Following the abolition of the boycott law, Sudan is expected to witness further legal and constitutional amendments that allow it to deal directly with Israel.

The Israel Boycott Act, which was issued by the Arab league in 1958, prohibited any transactions between Arab countries and Israel.

It banned the import of Israeli-produced goods, the export of goods to Israel, and any exchange or trade in Israeli goods and commodities transported in Sudan, whether received from Israel directly or indirectly.