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The sorcerer has been arrested. He will be referred to public prosecution for further legal action. Photo used for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: A 23-year-old Egyptian woman was beaten to death by a sorcerer who was allegedly trying to 'expel a jinn' from her body, local media reported.

The story started after the newly married couple started experiencing marital disputes. The husband took up the matter with the wife's family, who claimed their daughter was possessed by evil spirits.

They took their daughter to a spiritual healer who lived in their neighborhood and claimed he could treat such cases and expel the jinn out of her body.

Thinking that by going to a spiritual healer her family's problems would be resolved, the victim agreed to go. However, the sorcerer tied her up and started beating her using a wooden stick. The beating session ended up with the woman breathing her last in front of her husband and family.

The victim’s husband recounted the details with regret. “We got married 55 days ago and I was surprised that my wife had started getting convulsive fits, and instead of taking her to a doctor, I took the advice of people who said she was 'possessed by evil spirit', which pushed me take her to the spiritual healer.

"It was 2pm when the sorcerer came to our apartment, and after we told him of my wife’s problems, he started some sorcery rituals, on the pretext of expelling the jinn from her body. My wife was in a state of extreme agitation, so he tied her with ropes and beat her severely with a wooden stick, until she died,” the man told police.

The victim died literally after 30 minutes of the start of the sorcery rituals, the husband said, adding: “When the spiritual healer finished the beating session, my wife was unconscious and he refused to let us take her to the hospital, saying she had fainted only because the jinn came out of her body. However, after an hour passed without her moving, her mother started screaming, seeing that her daughter had died.

The sorcerer has been arrested. He will be referred to public prosecution for further legal action.