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Beirut - The new US-Middle East peace envoy will be a 30-year-old White House administrative assistant, Donald Trump announced Friday.

Avi Berkowitz, an assistant to Jared Kushner, a senior adviser and Trump’s son-in-law, takes over from Jason Greenblatt, formerly Trump’s real estate lawyer, who quit Friday.

Berkowitz graduated from Harvard Law School in 2016 and has no previous foreign policy experience. Hope Hicks, a former White House spokesman, was quoted as saying his main duties were “logistics, like getting coffee and co-ordinating meetings”.

Berkowitz will focus on America’s peace plan for Israel and the Occupied Territories at a time of heightened tensions.

A former employer said on Twitter Berkowitz was “not very impressive and needed significant hand-holding to handle even simple assignments. But Mid East peace? I’m sure he’s got this!” Trump’s peace plan is not well received partly because it is led by Kushner, who has a background in real estate rather than foreign policy.