Mohammed Adel after his return to his home. Image Credit: Social media

Dubai: The family of an Egyptian man whom they thought had died have been left stunned after he returned one month after 'he was buried,' local media reported.

The Egyptian man has appeared one month after his death was announced and a body thought to be his was buried following which his family received condolences.

A video of the man speaking about his story has gone viral on social media. The incident occurred in El Menofia, north of Cairo, on Friday.

The family of Mohammed Adel, in his 20s, believed they mistakenly identified a corpse as being their son, who has been missing for two months before what was supposed to be his funeral.

The family reported the disappearance of their son and shared his picture on social media seeking the public help in finding him. They received a call from hospital that their son was admitted to intensive care after he was involved in car accident. The family thought he was Mohammed Adel as the injuries on his face and body were very severe.  

The man later succumbed to his injuries and the family thought he was their son.

The incident, however, has raised questions about the identity of the buried man and how a burial permit was issued by the hospital without a DNA being analysed. Egyptian authorities will carry out legal procedures to conduct the necessary analyses to identify the buried man.