In recent months, the UN has intensified its efforts for a solution to end Libya's decades-long conflict. Image Credit: Reuters

Cairo: Libya’s recently elected prime minister Abdul Hamid Mohammed Dbeibeh has sent a list of a proposed cabinet line-up to the parliament ahead of a session for a vote of confidence, his media office said.

Last month, a 74-member Libyan forum voted in a UN-sponsored process in Switzerland to elect a presidency council and a prime minister to prepare for national elections scheduled for December in the strife-wracked country.

Dbeibeh’s media office said that the cabinet line-up handover to the presidency of the parliament came in line with a transitional roadmap before the vote confidence session planned for Monday in the coastal city of Sirte.

A parliamentary delegation inspected a convention centre in Sirte where the parliament will meet to approve the national unity government, the Libyan news agency LNA reported Friday.

The delegation checked final preparations at the Ouagadougou Conference Centre in the Mediterranean City, it added.

Efforts intensified

In recent months, the UN has intensified its efforts for a Libyan-Libyan solution to end the country’s decades-long conflict.

Libya descended into chaos after a 2011 NATO-supported armed revolt that toppled

Muammar Gaddafi, who had ruled the country for 42 years.

After Gaddafi’s toppling and ensuing killing, Libya was split up among rival militias amid an inflow of arms into the oil-rich country.