Jail, prison
Representational image. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: A Jordanian woman has been sentenced to four years in jail with hard labour for luring and raping a 68-year-old man in collaboration with her friend, local media reported.

According to court files, the woman called the victim over the phone, claiming that she was poor and needed his help. Immediately after the phone call, the man bought some foodstuff and went to the woman's house. On arrival, she asked him to enter the house on the pretext that she had cats that would run away if the door was left open.

As soon as he entered the house, the suspect is said to have locked the door and asked the man to take off his clothes, or she would start screaming. Fearing a scandal, the man took off his clothes and was raped by the woman, while her accomplice who was hiding in the balcony filmed the incident.

The suspect allowed the man to leave the house, and three days later asked him to pay JD1000, failing which she she would release the video.

The man, who only had JD300, agreed to pay the amount to have the video deleted. Several days later, she called him again and asked for money, and he gave her JD150.

A few days later, two people also contacted the man separately, in agreement with the prime suspect, and asked him for money under the threat of publishing the video. He paid them too. The woman kept sending people to extort the man until he filed a case against her with the police.

Acting upon the man's report, the prime suspect and her accomplice were arrested. The case was referred to the High Criminal Court which sentenced the woman and her accomplice to four years in jail with hard labour.