Both the incidents happened in Jordan. Image Credit: Wiki Commons

Dubai: A Jordanian man has divorced his wife after the latter beat him with her shoes in front of their neighbours, local media reported.

According to well-informed sources, the wife was planning to go shopping with her neighbour but the husband refused to let her go. This led to a heated argument between the couple with the husband insisting on not letting her to go out.

At some point and out of anger, the wife hit her husband with her shoe in front of the neighbours, something which led her husband to divorce her immediately.

The story has gone viral on social media with some users supporting the wife while others backing the husband.

In a separate story, the Criminal Court prosecutor has charged a 65-year-old woman with the premeditated murder of her married daughter for reasons related to “family honour” earlier in the month in Mafraq.

The 39-year-old victim received one fatal stab wound to the heart allegedly by her mother while at her home on March 11, police spokesperson Lt. Col. Amer Sartawi said.

“We were informed that a woman stabbed her daughter and we headed to the crime scene and arrested the mother without any major incident,” Sartawi said.

A senior judicial source said that the victim had problems with her husband and returned to live with the suspect almost two years ago.

On the day of the incident, the senior judicial source maintained, the victim felt pain in her stomach and went to see a doctor with the suspect.

The woman and her mother were informed by the physician that the victim was five-month pregnant, according to the senior judicial source.

“The physician congratulated the mother telling her that her daughter was pregnant,”.

When the pair returned home, the senior judicial source said quoting initial testimony of the suspect, “the mother grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed her daughter once in the chest”.

When investigators and the police arrived at the house, the senior judicial source maintained, “the suspect claimed that she murdered her daughter in a moment of rage after learning of her pregnancy”.

“The suspect told investigators that she committed the murder to cleanse her family’s honour,” according to the senior judicial source, based on initial questioning of the suspect by the Criminal Court’s prosecutor.

According to medical sources, the victim died of a single stab wound that “penetrated the victim’s heart causing her immediate death”.

The senior judicial source said that the criminal court prosecutor had questioned the victim’s family members and husband to learn more about the incident.

“Everyone was ruled out in the family, including the victim’s male siblings, of any involvement in the stabbing death of the woman,” the source said.

Investigators concluded that the mother was the “sole perpetrator in the stabbing incident, and she is being detained at a women’s correctional and rehabilitation centre for 15 days pending further investigations”.