The suspect who allegedly slit the throats of his little daughters. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A suspect who allegedly slit the throat of his two little daughters in the Southern Badia last Saturday has been arrested, police in Jordan confirmed on Tuesday.

The suspect, in his 40s, reportedly stabbed his two daughters, aged two and three, to death while at his home on March 6 and then fled the scene.

The killer, who has six children, is believed to have been planning to kill all six but four of them managed to hide and survive after they saw their two sisters’ mouth being taped and stuffed with tissue paper so they could not scream.

After fleeing the scene, it was reported that the man had traces of blood on his clothes and once being asked about it by another man he knew, he answered: “I had two sacrifices at home”.

“A special task force worked on collecting evidence and information on the father suspected of murdering his two daughters over the past days and were able to locate his whereabouts,” police Spokesperson Col. Amer Sartawi said on Monday.

The suspect was arrested without any major incidents, Sartawi added.

“We are currently questioning the suspect and he will be referred to the Criminal Court prosecutor on today (Tuesday),” the police official stated.

A senior judicial source said that the suspect was “a repeat criminal offender who was known to have been involved in vehicle thefts”.

The source said initial investigations indicated that the stabbing occurred “over domestic disputes”.

The probe indicated that the suspect’s wife went back to her family home with her two daughters following a domestic dispute, a senior judicial source said.

On Saturday, the judicial source maintained, the suspect headed to his in-laws’ house and “demanded to take his two daughters and they agreed”.

“Our initial investigations indicate that he went back home, grabbed a knife and slit their throats and left the house,” according to the senior source.

The source added that neighbours heard screaming and yelling and saw the suspect rushing out of his house.

The suspect’s brother was returning at that time and when he and the neighbours went to check, they “saw the two girls with heavy injuries to their bodies”.

“The two girls were rushed to a nearby hospital but they were already dead,” the senior judicial source maintained.