Sahel Mahmoud Khattab who was killed by a stray bullet. Image Credit: Social media

Dubai: A high school student has been killed by a stray bullet in Jordan while going to get his scores, local media reported.

Sahel Mahmoud Khattab was immediately taken to a hospital, but was pronounced dead upon arrival.

The tragic incident took place on Thursday, the day of announcing high school exam results.  Police have launched a manhunt for the shooter.

In a similar incident, A Tawjihi student was wounded by a stray bullet in Mafraq. The student was admitted to Talal Military Hospital after being shot in the foot. 

Over the past few days, Jordan has witnessed a series of tragic incidents that shocked the community. A young girl was kidnapped on Thursday by a person in the Hashmi Al Shamali area in the capital, Amman.

The man returned the child and tried to escape. However, security services have located and arrested the kidnapper.