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Dubai: Two missing brothers were found dead one day after their mysterious disappearance in Basira area of Tafilah Governorate, 183 kilometres southwest of Jordanian capital Amman.

According to local media reports, shepherds Omar Suleiman Al Mazaydeh, 34, and his brother Ayman, 24, left their home on Friday along with their flock of sheep and never came back home.

The sheep returned to their barn alone, the reason why the family reported the case to police on the same day of their disappearance.

A team of security forces found the bodies of the siblings with gunshot wounds to their heads. The bodies were referred to the forensic department to determine the cause of their death.

The brother of the victims told media that his brothers died of bullet wounds to the head. The spokesperson for the Public Security Directorate said that there was a criminal suspicion surrounding their death.

A team of experts has been formed to investigate the case.