Occupied Jerusalem: Israeli aircraft carried out air strikes in Gaza, the Israeli army said Thursday.

Eye witnesses in Gaza said a position of Al Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas rulers, was targeted in western Deir al Balah, south of Gaza city late Wednesday.

There were no reports of casualties in Gaza.

Israel says the strikes were in response to balloons with incendiary or explosive devices attached to them floating into Israeli territory.

One balloon launched on Wednesday damaged an Israeli house after it exploded in the air.

Blockaded Palestinians have been for months protesting on the border with Israel against the siege against it as well as calling for a return of refugees to land Israel stole from their forefathers.

At least 251 Palestinians have been shot dead by Israeli snipers since March 2018 during border protests which have been largely peaceful.

Israel has launched three brutal assaults on Gaza in the past 10 years and Palestinians have meager means to defend themselves.

International rights groups as well as the UN have condemned Israel over the years for using disproportionate force on Palestinians.