Hamoudi Mutairi on the right. Image Credit: Social Media

A new shocking video of a brutal murder in Iraq went viral in the past few days around the Arab world: showing a teenage boy lying down on his side, bleeding from his abdomen, and being taunted with homosexual slurs by his killer.

Ahmad Majed Mutairi, 14, known as Hamoudi Mutairi on social media, was brutally killed last weekend because he had “feminine” looks, which made his sexuality under suspicion.

According to some media reports, the teenager was on his way home at night, in Baghdad’s Yarmouk neighborhood, when his assailant attacked him with a knife, inflicting more than 7 stabs to his stomach while documenting all in a video, which later got posted on Facebook.

The killer can be heard in the video asking the boy “What is your name? Where is your house?”

While Hamoudi was crying, answered him back “Ahmad, three blocks away”

The killer then asks him to name his boyfriend, but Hamoudi at this point confused and his voice fading asks, “What is this coming out of me?”

Laughing the killer tells him “Your guts are out”

Hamoudi last words before he died were “I want my mother”

Hamoudi Mutairi was known as the king of Instagram between his friends and followers; he posted pictures challenging gender stereotypes in his society, with long hair and different filters.

One twitter user accused extremists of killing Hamoudi, saying they were the same killers of social media star Tara Fares who was assassinated two weeks ago in Baghdad.

“Because he was handsome and he loved life, extremists killed Hamoudi Mutairi. Same tools that killed Tara Fares, because they are beautiful and spread beauty. For the enemies of beauty and humanity and life we tell you God will curse you till the end of time.”

The Video of the brutal killing was shared on different social media platforms, a wave of anger and condemnation exploded among Iraqis and Arabs, and a hashtag with his name became a trend.

One twitter user who watched the video tweeted “The video was horrifying to watch, the way this monster felt that it was okay to kill a 15 year old innocent kid in such an ugly way and then film him left me with no words.”

While the Iraqi government until today has made no statement on the killing, Iraqi peopele took twitter to hold them responsible of all the killings happening recently.

“I wonder what Iraq is doing since this is the 5th murder in a row targeting people living their life openly on social media? How sick does one have to be to kill an innocent 14yr for acting gay? Are they looking for the suspects? Please someone in Iraq update me!”

While another said “Truly one of the saddest stories of this decade, and what saddens me even more is that the government of Iraq isn't doing anything about this horrific murder!!! We DEMAND justice for this CHILD!”

“In Iraq: you’ll get killed for being different, You’ll get killed if you’re a social media influencer, You’ll get killed if you’re a bishop, You’ll get killed if you’re gay, Basically you’ll get killed for being you.”

Few days before Hamoudi killing, an orphan boy, 2 years old, was raped and killed in Baghdad, so one Iraqi tweeted asking officials where are they from all what is happening?

“A child was raped and killed and no one moved a finger and now another young soul is killed because of his appearance and again no one moved. Where are you, religious leaders are you deaf? Where are you, Minister of the interior, are you aware of what is happening in Iraq or are you part of it? Assassinations, Killings and Destruction.”

While others went further, asking the international community to interfere and protect Iraqis from gangs and militias “What is happening in Iraq of violations against humanity and the international community must intervene to save the Iraqis from the brutality of gangs and assassinations. The lives of human beings there is being deprived of humanity”

Another tweeted saying “What is happening in Iraq from violations against humanity calls upon the international community to intervene to save the Iraqis from the oppression of gangs and assassinations. Iraq unfortunately became a jungle with no law and security, human are being killed according to whims unfortunately, sad and unfortunate.”