Baghdad: Iraqi activists plan to sue lawmakers to recover salaries and benefits of almost $250,000 (Dh917,500) paid to politicians who have barely worked since an inconclusive March election that has yet to produce a new government.

Ali Al Anbouri, coordinator of a group of Iraqi non-governmental organisations, said on Monday they planned to file a claim on Sunday to retrieve all funds given to lawmakers since June.

"It is to get back all the money that the 325 lawmakers have received since June and until a speaker is elected. These funds are public funds ... It is a right of each citizen to demand that this money be preserved," Anbouri said. He said each lawmaker had received almost 40 million Iraqi dinars, or around $34,000, per month in salary and allowances, along with a 90 million Iraqi dinars, or $77,000, loan.

Iraq has yet to form a new government with the main Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish factions so far unable to reach an agreement.