For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: Three members of the same family - the father, mother and a 13-year-old boy - were crushed to death under the wheels of a train in Egypt after the boy tried to pick up a watermelon that rolled over the railway tracks, local media reported.

According to media reports, the young boy was unaware that the Aswan train was approaching him. Seeing the training getting close, the boy’s parents tried to save their son but the entire family was crushed to death under the wheels of the train.

The family is said to have bought the watermelon from a street vendor in Aswan area asked their young boy to carry it but while they were crossing the railway track, the watermelon fell from his hands.

He stopped to pick it up again but, unfortunately for them, the train was fast approaching. The 34-year-old father and 32-year-old mother rushed to save their son but the train ran over them, killing them all.