Image Credit: Pixabay

Cairo: An Egyptian teen girl has admitted to having killed a little child by hanging her, emulating a YouTube scene, Egyptian media said Sunday.

The 13-year-old suspect reportedly told police that she saw the child walking alone on a local street, asking to be taken to her mother.

The murder took place inside an air shaft of a residential building in the populous district of Useem in Giza near Cairo, where she reportedly attached a cable to an iron cage and used it to hang the four-year-old child to death.

Inside the air shaft, the girl allegedly put her hand on the crying child’s mouth after shaping the cord to be like a hanging noose and placed the victim’s head inside it before hanging her.

“I thought of carrying out what I see on YouTube with her,” she was quoted as recounting by private newspaper Al Masri Al Youm.

Leaving the dead body behind, the teenager fled to her aunt’s residence where she had lived after her parents were divorced.

Police were alerted about the murder after the child’s body was found. Police investigations pointed the finger at the girl who admitted to having killed the child in imitation of a YouTube clip on hanging that she had repeatedly watched it, the report said.

According to Egyptian law, offenders under 18 are tried at the juveniles court and face a maximum 15 years in jail served in a reformatory when convicted of murder.